Grains of sand are heavier than you think

I need muscles was my request at tea, someone to help me carry the 20kg bag of sand I need to go and buy! My two sons very quickly asked could they go to  the park? I had apologised earlier to the eldest when I realised how heavy the bag of sand he carried to the car for me the other week was, when I moved it outside.

So why hadn’t I thought about how heavy a bag of sand is? It was only as I struggled to move it around my jet washed patio that I began to put it in context.

So a litre of water weighs 1kg, making a 12 pack of 500ml bottles 6kg, I can lift that easily! One in each hand, yes 12kg – no problem. But would I be able to carry 36 bottles of water or even 40? Not easily and certainly not from the shelves to the till and then to the car…

So well done son number 1 for your resilience and not complaining too much.




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