Mummy Maths Aims To…


My name’s Sarah and I have decided to write about being a mum and the maths we encounter on a daily basis without even realising.  I will also be giving you maths tips to share with your children and showing you mathematical methods to help you and your children make sense of maths.

Daily we have to use maths and make decisions involving numbers to allow us to get through the day. As a family we have always included maths in our conversations and encouraged our children to think mathematically. They  will often look for best deals in shops even though they are only 12 and 13!

What Maths have I used today? Well, initially I might not think I have done any but we have been to our local supermarket and ensured we bought

  • 6 bagels instead of 5 for £1!
  • 6 muffins for 80p instead of 4 for 85p.

We don’t worry about the savings we just think about the value for money.

So, who am I? I am a mum and wife primarily but also a Maths teacher. A Maths teacher who gets disheartened by pupils who don’t value Maths. Don’t always understand how much Maths impacts on their lives. Pupil’s who don’t think it’s necessary to think about whether they have got the best deal and then struggle to answer real life questions. I become frustrated when they tell me they don’t need to worry about “best value” the shops and the tills do all the maths for them…oh if only that was the case!

As  parents it is our responsibility to ensure that children embrace maths. I am hoping that my blogs will help you to help your children become better mathematicians.










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